Amazing Applications of Nanotechnology

Amazing Applications of Nanotechnology

11th November 2018 0 By admin

Do you know that there are applications of nanotechnology which is turned out to have a major influence in the course of a technological civilization? And here, there are a number of facts related to the particles which are very small in size, about 10 ^ -9 m. It is small indeed, but it is not something that you can underestimate because this little thing would play a large role in nanotechnology. You’ll know it immediately.

Recently, a programmable molecular computing which is made of enzymes and DNA molecules are been invented. The research on the negative side has been taken in consideration which is the most important. Those negative impacts are:

  1. Nanoparticles of oxides and dioxides of metals, cause DNA damage to scale that may affect one’s descendants (a Heredity disease). It looks like a small problem, but it can actually carry defects in the offspring. And you should be alert to this.
  2. Hydrocarbon nanoparticles (from pollution) can damage the cardiovascular system. This system is an organ system that has function to move substances into and from the cell. If this system has been positive contaminated, then the other systems will be easily contaminated.
  3. Certain nanoparticles in water can penetrate cells and tissues and cause severe biochemical damage in organ functioning. This can affect the enzymes and hormones.
  4. High surface to volume ratio makes almost all highly reactive nanoparticles. It is very doubtful that all reactions can be controlled to the required level.

It also have played a large role such as:

  1. Transistors made of semiconductors in nanoscale provide higher dielectric constant and electron mobility, making them more efficient. In addition, these materials include durable material for a transistor.
  2. Dendrimers are nano materials made with the structure of a bacterium (E. coli). That flagella contained therein is used for rapid transport through the liquid.
  3. Photovoltaic cells (which is current generated from solar energy) made up of nanoparticles absorb more energy than the thin film sheets of normal semiconductors. Thus getting more energy, but much lighter.
  4. Nanocrystals made of metals and semiconductors exhibit superior magnetic, electric, chemical, optical and mechanical properties.
  5. Gold and silicon nanoparticles are red, but do you know that their original color in bulk state is yellow and grey respectively?

What a magic, isn’t it?